Monday, June 30, 2008

Conquer The Clutter Challenge

Won't you join in the fun of conquering your clutter during the month of July? I saw this over at The Happy Housewife blog. Toni is hosting this challenge on her other blog, Happy to be at home.

This past weekend I just so happened to have started on a de-cluttering campaign. I worked in my laundry room during several short sessions. This is the first room I see when I come home. Its kind of a combination laundry room and mud room and I have a pie safe used for a pantry in there. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with housework and cooking so I thought if this room was welcoming I'd be less stressed out about my home.

These are the things I accomplished:

1. Cleaned out the "catch-all" basket which sits on top of the dryer. This is where all the odds and ends found in pockets go, as well as items from other parts of the house. I tossed out everything I could! Some of the things I threw away included "ID" pins my son had for college which he hasn't needed in 2 years, dried up flower bulbs, dried up and leaky pens, used ear plugs, etc. I also put some things where they belonged. Then I dusted and wiped down the outside of the washer and dryer. Its so nice to have only the little organized basket and one small container for change I find in pockets. This is the first thing I see when I come in the door from work. Now I just sit my pocketbook on there as I come in. Much less stressful!

2. I cleaned the entire floor area extra well. This is where our elderly dog stays most of the time so it always needs mopping! I threw away an old rug, and washed and dried the dog's bedding. I threw away the placemat I keep under his food and water dish because he always seems to miss the placemat and get the food on the floor anyway. I just as well clean the floor as to have to wash the placemat and the floor! I put newspaper under the dish which can be thrown away and replaced frequently.

3. I dusted the corners of the room, got all cobwebs down, dusted the door facings, etc, and the top of the pie safe and the shelf. I moved jackets that hang on the pegs to a closet until cooler weather comes back. I cleaned off the little table that sits under the shelf to be used for putting folded clothes and/or laundry baskets.

4. I cleaned out the closet which has all the cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, bottled water and my little yellow vac. I emptied the many bottles that had "just" a little bit of liquid left in them by combining all of each one into one spray bottle. I now have one bottle of "Shout" that's about full instead of 4 that won't spray at all because they're almost empty! I threw away everything that I don't use. I plan to purchase a small wicker type basket to go on the floor in there for the few dirty laundry items we accumulate from the kitchen. Every where else in the house has its own basket, such as each bedroom and bathroom.

5. I decluttered the cabinets located over the washer and dryer and straightened them out. They weren't too bad, but now look so much better.

6. Washed the inside and outside of the trashcan and the aluminum can recycle container and replaced the liners with new ones.

What I still need to do:

1. Move washer and dryer out from the wall and clean under them.

2. Clean on top of the cabinets. They are open on top and I'm afraid to even look! I'm sure there's dust as thick as snow up there!

I am reading a book from the library called:Amy Knapp's Family Organizing Handbook. Its great!

These are two nuggets I wanted to share:

1. Clean one cabinet a week. In 52 weeks you're sure to get around to all of them more than once or at least once. This is a great idea. Sort of like Flylady's babysteps.

2. Put newspaper on top of cabinets that are open. I have these in the laundry room. You can just throw them away and put new ones up there when they get dusty. You can also see what date is on the paper to know when you cleaned up there last.

My plans for the rest of the house are to TOSS, TOSS, TOSS! Room, by room. The next room is the living room/den area.

Happy Decluttering!!!!


Lea said...

I do believe I'll join you. Thanks for the tips.

Michele said...

Wow- Great job! :) Those sound like wonderful tips.

Melidna said...

I've decluttered my house since being off this summer. Love it! I find it is so much easier to keep up on housework.

Although...I do have one more room to go. My teenage daughters. I saved the worse for last! :)

Sarah Mae said...

wow, way to go! You've upped the anti on my challenge!

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