Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Instant Party!

This weekend we celebrated my wonderful son-in-law's birthday. I thought I would share with you some simple ways to have a party that are easy and make any celebration special.

This is a picture of my punch bowl, cake plate (still has some chocolate cake in it!) and a few of my punch cups. The punch bowl was a gift to me many years ago. I bought the cake plate at a yard sale, which by the way doubles as a punch bowl! You just turn the pedestal and the cover upside down. The lid fits into the pedestal and makes a great punch bowl. Some of my punch cups came with the punch bowl, but I bought 20 more at a yard sale for $1.00.

When having a baby shower or bridal shower, these party items are perfect, but they are also nice to pull out for birthdays, Christmas or other holidays.

I like to keep some frozen punch in my freezer. Here's the recipe I use. I freeze enough for one bowl full in separate freezer bags and when you are ready to make the punch, all you have to do is take it out of the freezer an hour or so ahead of time and add ginger ale.

Then if you've got cake mix, frosting or a brownie mix on hand, VOILA, INSTANT PARTY.

The glass punch bowl, cups and cake plate make the party special. So be on the lookout for some of these party items at yard sales, thrift shops or on sale at a retail store.

We put my son-in-law's gift and card on his dinner plate, taped some matching balloons to his chair and placed the chocolate cake displayed in the glass cake plate in front of his plate.

Since this is a Backwards Kitchen Tip Tuesday, what are some ways you make a celebration special?

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Pen Pen said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful son in law! Your party sounded great... cake looks yummy. We have a birthday coming up in our house and I hope to do something a little special for my baby girl!

BLUE SKY said...

it was very nice Mama. And I know Ryan loved it (and his present!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I love simple parties. Have a Happy Easter.

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