Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Sewing

Its been a busy day!

I shampooed the "high spots" in our carpet. Doing the high spots means that I didn't move any heavy furniture. I did move everything else. It looks and feels so much better!

I was at the thrift shop when it opened and got some interesting things and some great deals.

I finished another handbag today. It is made from vintage fabric called Rose Cliff and some new fabrics I purchased. I took a bag of fabric with me and tried to find some that matched. This is one combination I came up with.

I really love this fabric. It is so spring like and has just enough thickness and stiffness to make a nice feeling bag. I have improved the loop for the button and loop closure and have started padding some of the inside pockets.

I'm going to make myself a new bag sooner or later!!! This one is going into the Etsy Shop for the time being.

To Coleen: The way I made the cradle sheet was to just make it like a pillow case. I hemmed one end, first a small narrow hem and then after pressing, turn the hem up again and sew a little wider hem. Then with right sides together sew up the other end and 2 sides. I made it a snug fit and longer than the cradle pad. Then we just tucked the extra length under the end of the pad. I don't know if this will work for the pack and play since it will be wider, but that's how I'd make it if I were making one. Thanks you Coleen!

Happy Saturday!


Kim said...

I love the bag, would be a great diaper bag :)

Beemoosie said...

Your bags are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Debbie, I think that's how I'm going to make the sheet, just like a pillow case.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Pretty Debbie,
I havr your box already to be mailed. :)
I love seeing your bags.

Mom2fur said...

Oh, my goodness, that is just stunning! I love the fabric you used!
I've been working on a bag, too. I found some brown fabric with big pink tulips on it and bought the last yard on the bolt with the idea of 'doing something with it.' I found a bag tutorial and had something I could use for the lining, so I used that. I'll try to post about it on Sew Crafty Friday this week. Meantime, I have to be honest...I don't know what 'barkcloth' is!

Pen Pen said...

Oh my goodness! The fabric combinations are gorgeous in your new bag! I'll bet it is already sold!

Susan said...

You make such beautiful bags! The fabrics on this one work so well together. I've made one purse, for my mom, but it was just a simple one. You make me want to try them again, making some modifications.

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