Monday, February 18, 2008


This weekend I seemed to be surrounded by purple and so this post is about things that are purple.

Saturday as I was driving around the rural area where I live I noticed that there were fields and fields of purple. These pictures don't show how pretty the fields really are! I know these are just weeds, but every where you look around here there are acres of purple. One beautiful scene I saw was two children running through a purple field! The first picture was taken in a small town near where I live. That's not my church, but I have been to some functions there and they sponsored the cub scout troop my son was in when he was a little boy, so the meetings were held there. The second picture is just a random field I saw. In just a few more days the farmers will have plowed the purple under in preparation for planting season.

This picture shows the main highway going through the same town with bradford pears blooming. More purple.

This is a purple Tinker Bell little girl's purse I was given a special order to make. Its not finished, but you can tell what it will look like. I still need to do the topstitching around the top, find or make a cute button and prepare the insert that goes in the bottom of the bag. Its identical to the adult bags I have been making with pockets, etc., except I added a ruffle to the top.

Have a great day!


Pen Pen said...

Love the purple! I love the picture with the church in the background. Some little girl will love the purple purse!

Elizabeth said...

How pretty Debbie.

the nest egg said...

Your scenery pictures are beautiful! I can't wait till things start blooming again here.

The purple purse is really cute!

BLUE SKY said...

I love spring. some of our neighbors trees are blooming too - not ours though :(

coloradofarmgirl said...

It is still white here! won't be even close to purple till April!

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