Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday Sewing

I did a lot of sewing yesterday!

First of all I finished up some items for the Etsy Shop. I completed some mini wallets and tissue holders to go with completed orders and finished up the John Deere pocketbook that shows in the left.

Today my niece is having a baby shower. The baby is a boy and I made two double sided flannel blankets with matching burp cloth/changing pads. I bought 2 yards of each piece of flannel, cut into 2 one yard pieces. I cut enough off to make the pieces square and then used the part cut off to make the burp cloths. I used a dinner plate to make the corners round and then sewed the fabric right sides together leaving an opening for turning. After turning and pressing, I zigzagged a top stitching around the edges.

The burp cloths were made by sewing the left over strips on the end of 2 pieces of flannel so that the finished size was 13 X 17. Make a quilt sandwhich with right sides together on top of the batting, sew around the edge leaving an opening for turning. Turn, sew up the opening, and quilt two lines length wise at 1/3 intervals.

I also made this Winnie The Pooh diaper bag. It isn't quite finished. See the button is not yet sewn on! I would like to make a matching changing pad to include with the bag, but time may not allow. I'll be finishing up the bag and getting the gifts wrapped at the last minute as it is. The shower is today at 3:00. I have church this morning and lunch to cook. So we'll see!!!

Hubby and I are having some Super Bowl food starting late this afternoon. We are having Tortillas and the nacho cheese stuff (can't remember the name of it) that has browned hamburger, velveeta cheese, rotel tomatoes and taco seasoning mix. Also pigs in blankets which we make using cresent rolls and little smokies. I cut each cresent roll into 3 pieces so a can of 8 will make 24 pigs in blankets. We also have Doritos (my favorite!).

For lunch I am making london broil. I marinate it in a mixture of soy sauce, ground ginger and garlic, then broil it until its the desired doneness. We like it medium rare. Slice in on the diagonal and use the marinade to keep it moist. Yum!


BLUE SKY said...

Mama, I love the sheep fabric and the Pooh Bear bag is so cute. It honestly looks store-bought to me. Did you see my curtains!?

thenestegg said...

My favorite material is the sheep fabric. So cute.

You have lucky family members!!! :)

Pen Pen said...

Blue Sky is right... the Pooh bag looks store bought. Another idea for Etsy!

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