Monday, February 4, 2008

EBay Success!

I have been really concentrating on selling on-line during the month of January! My FH (frugal husband) has been helping me with cooking and grocery shopping so that I would have more time for EBay and the Etsy Shop. Isn't he sweet?!!!

Anyway, back to EBAY.

My goal was to sell $25.00 each week, which may not sound like a lot, but adds up. I reached or exceeded this goal each week in January. The things I sold were things I had but wasn't using or things I had been given that I didn't think I'd be able to use. So my initial investment was zero.

Learning to use EBay is fun in itself. I never knew there were so many little things to learn or be aware of. For instance: Last week I listed 5 items on Sunday night to run for 7 days which mean't the listings would end last night. The bids were coming really fast the first of the week, but then slowed down and there were almost no bids at the end. It finally dawned on me that the auctions were ending right in the middle of the SUPER BOWL!!!. I was short of my $25 goal by $5.00. Several of these items were similar to ones I sold the week before at higher prices.

I had read in the EBay books I got from the library that holiday weekends weren't good for ending auctions, so I guess the Super Bowl is kind of like a holiday weekend! Guess What, I went on line and renewed the EBay books! I need to educate myself further.

I get a kick out of checking "My EBay" several times a day to see if there are any new bids or how many watchers I have!

I applied for a PayPal debit card so I can use that for purchasing items for resale and paying for shipping supplies and postage.

I'm also very excited about my Etsy Shop! I have so many ideas for things to go in there. I've just got to find some things that are in demand!

Have a great Monday! We're having above normal temperatures here in North Carolina for a few days. Sixties and seventies!


Kacie said...

That's super! I'm glad you're doing well with eBay. You might not make a fortune, but every little bit helps. Plus, it's always great to get rid of a little clutter here and there.

I hope to jump into eBay soon.

thenestegg said...

That's great! I agree every little bit helps and will start to add up fast. Starting with zero investment you can't beat that!

Hey, can your husband give my husband lessons? :0

Comical Coupon Cents said...

Oh my goodness... You have inspired me. I was toying with the idea of selling things on ebay, but was nervous, but now... I am def. going to try it out. I would be sooo excited to make that kind of extra money! Teach us all you know....haha

Pen Pen said...

Yay! on your ebay success! I noticed you have sold a few bags in your Etsy shop too. You go girl! Your bags are gorgeous!

Kim said...

Congrats on the Ebay success! The Winnie the Pooh diaper bag is adorable.

Carolina Mama said...

Really cool about your eBay sales. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by. :)

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