Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mid-Winter Dreams

I love Fall and Winter and I feel it slipping away for another year. My hubby's sports weekend TV has changed from Football to Golf. Early spring blooming flowers are peeking through the earth. Co-workers are planning their summer vacations....

I want to savor the last few weeks of winter as much as possible. This is an early morning winter scene from my home last week.

A closer view:

Our goats are fat! We have six adults and 7 new baby goats. There were three sets of twins and a single birth recently. My son, Jacob, takes very good care of them and can bleat exactly like they do. I can't tell the difference between an actual goat hollering and Jacob hollering to them. As soon as he drives up they start hollering because they know he is going to feed them or play with them. This now grown up, much loved son, has always loved to make a lot of noise and this is his new form of noise making.

He is also training a new baby goat to ride with him in his truck. This particular truck is his "old truck that is good on gas truck". He would never put the baby goat in his good truck! They rode around together for quite a while the other day!

These are some more winter scenes from my mind's eye:

The present:

A farmer neighbor wearing his red plaid flannel coat and hat with ear flaps going out with buckets to feed and water his animals.

A heavy frost that looks like a light covering of snow.

The wind howling around the corners of the house and jangling the wind chimes.

My son wearing his coveralls going out to take care of the goats or ride a four wheeler.

From the past:

Waking up to sounds of my Mama getting the heaters going in our old farm house. Only one or two rooms were heated. Our bedrooms were cold and we had so many quilts on the bed that you couldn't roll over because of the weight!

Going to my Grandmother's house and seeing pots of water all over the kitchen she had gathered because the weather was so cold her water was frozen I remember sitting around her wood heater after church.

I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of winter, either because its almost over, or because you want to savor the remaining cold days.


Pen Pen said...

The memories of winter... sweet. My dad and your son would love each other... my dad is a goat man, too! I think it is so cute that he wants to train the goat to ride in his old truck! Can't wait to see a picture of that.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had goats, how neat. Looks beautiful where you live.

There are no signs here of winter going away yet - I would love to see a sign of spring. In New England we just had more snow last night. Takes a bit longer here.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have flowers blooming already! If you would like more winter, you could come to Minnesota: we're getting more snow in the next couple of days, there's several inches on the ground already...and this won't go away until probably some time in April.

The Nest Egg said...

Your early morning picture looks so pretty and peaceful.

I was also thinking I would love to see a picture of the goat riding in the truck!

Myself, I'm ready for spring! Here in the midwest we just keep getting ice and more ice.

ancient one said...

OK... Penny told me about the goat.. I had to come see for myself. LOL

My husband says someone in his family used to keep a goat in the house.

I would like to see the picture of the goat riding around with your son! LOL

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