Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I have two tips today!

1. The first one I posted yesterday about how to make a heart shaped cake without a heart shaped pan. Please look at the previous post for more about this or click here. The cake turns out really cute and I'm sure you could decorate yours much better than I did! There are lots of ways to make this cake special for your family or special person. Here's a picture:

2. My other tip is one I have seen on lots of other blogs already, but I thought I'd show you my version of it. The tip is to have a baking center. Here is what mine looks like.

Its an old microwave cart we were given. It fits perfectly at the end of the kitchen cabinets and adds some valuable storage space. Its a great place for my bread machine on top. In the drawer below the bread machine I keep measuring spoons, measuring cups, baking powder, salt, oven mits, mixer beaters, electric knife, etc.

In the bottom cabinet, I keep my stand mixer, hand held mixer and other odds and ends. The bottom kitchen cabinet located right next to the cart contains my canisters of regular flour, sugar, brown sugar, bread flour, etc. I have written down my favorite pizza crust and sauce recipe on index cards and taped them to the inside of the cabinet door above where I work to get the bread machine going. This is an idea I got from Laine's Letters.There's also a shelf in the middle of the cart that is perfect for my roasting pans and rolling pins to slide into.

A baking center is a great idea because it saves time and energy having everything you need right together. You could also have other "centers" such as a beverage center, lunch making center, etc.

For lots of great kitchen tips, please to go Tammy's Recipes!


Jessie's Attic said...

That heart cake is cute..great idea for V-day. :)

About your baking center, wonderful idea! I have a tiny kitchen and this is something I can do and maybe store it in my dining area. hmmmm you have my thoughts running.

Thank you :)

Jasmine31 said...

Yeah a few weeks ago I was tired of running to the pantry for all my baking stuff so I cleared out the cupboard by my mixer and put everything there.

Mom2fur said...

I actually ended up leaving my stand mixer on the counter, since I use it a lot. It weighs a ton (it's a Kitchenaid), and I was tired of having to ask someone to get it for me, since I can't lift it.
I went on a kind of bug yesterday and started to rearrange my kitchen. My baking things aren't together because there is just no room to do this. Whoever designed this kitchen layout was a dope. But I tell you, next house...I'm gonna have my dream organized kitchen, or bust!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
What a great cake. I love te pockebooks you have been making.
Have fun sewing,

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