Sunday, February 10, 2008

Heart Shaped Valentine Cake

This is what I was doing at 5:00 this morning.

We were going to have a family Sunday dinner and I wanted to give it a Valentine's flair. Its really easy to make a heart shaped cake even if you don't have a heart shaped cake pan.

You will need a square pan and a round pan with the same diameter. Mine have 8 inch diameters. The cake mix and frosting are two of many I stocked up on combining coupons and sales. The entire cake was about $1.00. This is a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. It tastes really good, kind of like carrot cake.

The finished cake is pretty wide, so you will need a cookie sheet or covered cardboard. I covered a piece of cardboard with heart fabric and then covered that with plastic wrap. I just turned it over on the back and taped down the edges so it would be nice and tight and neat.

After the cakes have cooked and cooled, turn the square one so a corner is at the top like a diamond shape. Cut the round one in half and place each half against the sides of the diamond at the top. The tops of the pieces might not be perfectly level, just cover it all up with frosting and you'll never know it. I could have sliced off the top rounded part to make it more perfect, but it was fine anyway. (Note to everybody: I am not a talented cake decorator!)

I stopped at one of my local Dollar Generals after church and picked up some little boxes of chocolate and sweetheart candies. I decorated the cake with the candies and put a box of chocolate and candy hearts on everybody's plate. I bought my little grandbaby some baby books since he can't have candy yet. I was going to string up some red paper hearts and hang them from the light fixture over the table, but ran out of time. I pulled out my red Christmas tablecloth and napkins and used my Cade's Cove dishes which have some red on them.

My sweet husband was in charge of most of our dinner. He made a hand rubbed pork tenderloin, field peas, mashed sweet potatoes, and broccoli, cauliflower and carrots in cheese. I made some pigs in blankets and macaroni and cheese to round it out.

The food was great and the table was right cute too!

Look what sweet grandbaby can do now!


Anonymous said...


Lyn said...

What a sweet thing to do for your family. And that grandbaby keeps getting cuter and cuter!

thenestegg said...

How cute! Both the grandbaby and cake! Neat idea, I might just make one for valentine's day.

Pen Pen said...

Sweet grandbaby is growing like a weed. What a cute boy! I love your cake... cool idea. I tried the spice cake recently and added some over ripe bananas to the mix... YUMMY! I'm sure your family enjoyed their special day with you.

Alexandra said...

Great idea for a heart shaped cake! And that grand baby is so precious, and I'm not just saying that. He's a sweetie.

Jasmine31 said...

The cake is adorable!

Kim said...

Your cake is pretty clever :)

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