Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Do you ever think about being thankful for the air that we breathe?

Sometimes I take a nice deep breath and realize how wonderful it is to be able to do so!

I have known several people who depended on oxygen tanks to breathe during the last few months or years of their life. You've seen them out and about carrying their little portable oxygen tanks. There are so many diseases that limit the osygen our bodies need.

I guess I first became aware of how thankful we should be for being able to breathe about 17 years ago when I attempted to learn to scuba dive! I am a good swimmer and thought I'd have no problem with learning to scuba dive. Wrong! You have to learn to only breathe through your mouth and I felt like I was smothering (maybe drowning).

So be aware of what a blessing it is today to be able to take deep wonderful breaths of air. Just many of God's blessings that we take for granted every day!

Happy Valentines Day! Remember the love song: "Sometimes all that I need is the air that I breathe just to love you".

1 comment:

Pen Pen said...

Yes! I see lots of my patients who are oxygen dependent and I am so thankful for healthy lungs and fresh air!

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