Friday, February 8, 2008

Heart Strings Post --- I must be getting old!

Today marked the 20th year of working at my present job! Yes, February 8, 1988 was a big day! If I have been working in the same place for 20 years, I must be getting old. I do happen to have a milestone birthday coming up later this month too! :o(

My coworkers are so sweet. I mentioned this 20 year anniversary a few months back just in conversation and they wrote the date down and gave me a little party. I have blue and silver balloons, my favorite color. I have a card signed by everybody and we had CHOCOLATE! We have homemade chocolate brownies, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup! I even got my own bag of jelly beans! Hubby came by too and got some food. If you mention brownies, he will come! I love that guy!

I really do work with nice people and I thank God for my job.

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thenestegg said...

That's quite an accomplishment! It must be a great place to work and it sounds like your co-workers are great too!


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