Friday, February 8, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

These are two new handbags I cut out and started on last night. I plan to finish them this weekend.

Both of these bags feature fabric given to me by my fabric fairy. The green and yellow plaid that I thought would match the John Deere fabric I had, turned out to ACTUALLY BE John Deere fabric. On the selvege it says, "John Deere Nostalgic".

The second one features "Country Life Toile" also given to me by my fabric fairy.

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Pen Pen said...

I love the toile fabric! I've been thinking of using toile in my bedroom.

Mom2fur said...

I agree with Pen Pen...the toile is gorgeous! These bags are going to be so nice when you are finished.
I'm working on a bag myself. You've inspired me to get back to it, LOL!

Gina said...

I happen to be partial to the John Deere, but I guess that's where I am in life right now! They both will be great!

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again. Thanks for the nice comment on the little dress I'm making.
Don't be envious of "Sunny." (That's what I named my dressform. My real name means 'bright and shining' so I figured Sunny was appropriate for my headless double.) She only cost me about $150--way more than I spend on most things, but worth every penny. Of course, I got her on sale. She is adjustable. You might be able to see dials in some of the photos. You take your measurements and then turn the dial until the mannequin matches you--at least as closely as possible.
The only thing about her is that her 'girls' are little higher and perkier than mine, so I have to make that adjustment. But for the most part, she's my double.

Terri said...

I love the country toile. It's beautiful! You do really good work. I love your choice of colors and fabrics.


Karen said...

I have always wondered how dress forms worked! Now I know.

Lynne said...

I love that toile fabric too! I bet the John Deere fabric turns out really cute when you're done.

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