Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Sewing

Another great day spent at home is coming to a close and I wanted to share with you what I accomplished.

Up early... you know that by now! There's nothing better than getting up at 4:00 A.M. I didn't quite get up that early today... ratz

Started laundry as soon as my feet hit the floor. Gathered up hubby's and my laundry and brought downstairs with me.

I decided that I really wanted to finish my daughter's new pocketbook today so I could give it to her tomorrow when she and her hubby come for Sunday dinner. However, I had SO many other things that needed to be done. So I decided to sew 30 minutes and do "work" stuff 30 minutes. I kind of followed this schedule all day. 30 minutes of drawing quilt lines on the panels, 30 minutes of cooking lunch; 30 minutes of sewing the quilt lines on the panels, 30 minutes of vacuuming, 30 minutes of quilting the lines on the panels, 30 minutes of mopping the kitchen..... Hubby bought groceries for me from a list I made, so I didn't have to leave the house. I love not leaving the house.

By 2 or 3 o'clock, I had morphed into ONLY sewing. I tend to go kind of into a zombie state when trying to finish something and can't rest, eat or do anything else until its done and ITS DONE!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the progress and the end product!

The 2 pocketbooks I made recently had a 2 inch diamond shaped grid quilted on the panels. My darling daughter wanted 1/2 inch diamonds. This took quite a bit of time, but I do love her so much, it was worth it. The quilting turned out really well with NO PUCKERS OR PLEATS!!! I couldn't believe it. I was really careful about pinning and sewing from the center out and it worked out really well.

This the the process of drawing the 1/2 inch lines diagonally in two directions to create the diamonds. I drew the lines on a light colored piece of fabric the same size as the fabric to be used for the pocket book.

I then made a quilt sandwich and quilted from the bottom. These lines will be covered by the lining of the pocketbook and will never be seen.

One panel finished!

Once the quilting was finished it was time to make the pockets. I made 2 pockets like this and also several deep pockets from the solid blue fabric. These were sewn onto the lining.

This is the inside of the pocketbook.

This is a picture of the pocketbook with a picture of my sweet daughter as a child.

This is a close up of the finished product. The button was covered with matching fabric using a button covering kit.

I bought enough of this fabric to make "maybe" 2 more pocketbooks and also some magnetic closures for pocketbooks to try, as well. Hopefully I can get one made to help stock the Etsy Shop. My goal is to have enough items made to open it by February 1st, if not earlier.

I didn't finish many of the "work" things that I should have done today, but you know what, ITS OK!

Happy Saturday!


Susan said...

Wow! It's beautiful! I know your daughter is going to love it - and that will make the hard work worth it!

Melissa said...

Oh how I wish I could sew! Excellent work!


Kim said...

Debbie, the pocketbook is beautiful. I hope your daughter enjoys it.

Lyn said...

You did a beautiful job! I think you had a very very productive day.

I'm looking forward to your Etsy shop with great anticipation.

God bless.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
How pretty. I wish I could sew like that. You did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,

What a beautiful purse, I love the color and style. Did you use a pattern or design it yourself?


Pen Pen said...

WOW! That bag is gorgeous! Yes, our daughters are worth all that work, aren't they? I bought some fabric and want to machine quilt mine the same way to make little bags for the inside of my pocketbook. (you know, the organization thing) Thanks for the info. on how you did it! If you make bags like that for your Etsy shop, you will do well!!!!

CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Debbie ~ this pocketbook turned out darling! I am in the middle of making a baby quilt for our new grandson (due in a few weeks) and have thought of you! I've missed checking your blog (due to holiday travel and events). Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2008 is a great year for you! :) ~ Ruth

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