Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

My tip for this week is to really make use of your timer.

I have a fairly old stove (1984), but it still works ok, except the oven heats hotter than the temperature you set it at. It has a timer on it that Buzzes very annoyingly (is that a word?) until you come and turn it off. I remember the days when I would forget to turn off tea that was simmering or burn biscuits that had stayed in the oven 5 minutes too long.

For years now I have set the timer for almost every thing I cook, even if its for 2 minutes. Why... because I will forget it every time if I don't stand right there and look at it. I am always multi-tasking, especially when cooking a meal and this helps me to get it all done at the same time, well almost.

Its also a safety measure. If I am cooking while cleaning the house or sewing, this insures that I won't forget it. Also I can leave something cooking for my husband to finish and he knows that when the buzzer goes off he is to take action. I know that the buzzer will keep him from forgetting to take something out of the oven or off the stove.

There are also many other uses for the timer. I use it to time myself when I want to spend 30 minutes cleaning and then 30 minutes doing something fun like sewing. I have used it to try to do a "Flylady Home Blessing Hour". You know, spend 15 minutes doing 4 different things, or ten minutes doing 6 different things and when the hour is up you stop!!!

My 20 year old son can tell you how I used the timer for his time outs when he was younger. 1 minute for each year of his age. He broke the portable timer I had, but the stove timer survived those years!!! LOL

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Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

We also use the timer at our house to give the girls "5 more minutes to play before bedtime" and the like. Great tip!

Pen Pen said...

Good tip! I used to have a timer around here ... I sometimes use the timer on my stove, but honestly forget about it most of the time. I like the idea of setting it for chores and fun things! Thanks for the tip!

Tanya said...

Great tip! I have been using the timer more often of late, it really helps when doing a chores with little ones. It always amazes me how much you can accomplish in just 10 minutes.

Amanda said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my timer! I clean in 15 minute intervals, thanks to the Flylady :) and it's amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes. I even am now using it for my son - I set the timer and when it goes off he knows the video game goes off!

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