Friday, January 4, 2008

Frugal Friday


I am still trying to become a success as an Ebay seller! I just need to actually sell something... LOL

This week I listed for sale the remaining "Howling Wolves" quilt panel that I have in my stash. I checked for other panels like it and of course there were about 15 other people selling the same item. They were trying to sell them at a fairly high starting price. The E-Bay site suggests starting out really low, so I started mine off at .99. AND I ACTUALLY GOT A BID FOR .99 and have one person watching. I had one question about the measurements of the panel (which I should have put in the description to begin with). The bidding ends this afternoon, but I'm happy to have a bid of any kind. The other items I listed in the past didn't even get a bid.

I have also sold several books on Amazon AND when I checked to see the progress of the Amazon Associates Program (the sidebar thingie) I have earned about $7.00 so far. Thanks to every one who ordered from Amazon by getting to Amazon's site through my blog! I appreciate it so much!

I am working really hard to sew some items to stock my Etsy Shop. On New Year's Day I made a pretty pink floral totebag/purse which I was pleased with. I have so many ideas for this and hope to open the Etsy Shop soon.

Finally, I would like to keep the income and expenses from my on-line sales separate in a separate checking account so I can see how it adds up. I know the amounts I am making are small, but will add up as time goes on. If it is in a separate place I can see how it grows and use it for a specific purpose like Christmas 2008! So I hope to open one of those "free" checking accounts soon and see what happens!

Even though I am starting out really slowly in making my millions on-line, it is fun and exciting. I might even start my own E-Bay store!

Be sure to go to Biblical Womanhood for more Frugal Friday ideas!


Crystal Paine said...

Way to go!

Just a quick note on the eBay thing: If you have your auctions close on Sunday nights or Monday nights, those are supposed to be some of the best times for traffic and sales.

I'll have to write a post with tips for selling on eBay sometime soon. I'm no great expert, but I've sold a lot of stuff and learned a lot over the past few years.

Keep up the great work!

Jen said...

If you want to keep the money seperate, I'd suggest opening a paypal account. People are more likely to buy if they can pay through paypal. The money you earned can sit in that account, you can also get a "debit/credit" card with paypal and then if you need to use that money you have access to it, or you can connect it to a bank account. I also suggest having the auction end on late Sunday night (remember time zones and such), people are home on the weekends!

Rhonda in OK said...

I am also looking in to ways to earn online. I added an Adsense and Google search for a start.

About banking, I know all parts of the country are different, but we bank at a local credit union. Checking and savings are all free and even the online bill paying is free. I could not be happier with our credit union.

best wishes to you!

Kim said...

I didn't realize that you could sale books to Amazon. I just took last week two boxes of hardcover bestsellers to the library! Well, at least I did receive a tax deduction for them.

Susan said...

I'd really, **really** like to open an Etsy shop this year. It's one of my goals, but I need to make some things for it first!

Mom2fur said...

Congrats on the bid! I hope that you get lots of those last-minute bidders and the price goes way up!

I scrolled through your sewing projects and found the things you made with the cute jungle flannel. I didn't know it came in a larger print, too! So adorable!
PS--I'm with Jen. Paypal makes it easier to collect money from people, and it's 10x safer. On the rare occasion I sell anything on eBay, I prefer paypal. I'll take a money order, but I've long since stopped accepting checks. Can't be too safe!

Pen Pen said...

I prefer to pay with Paypal too, but don't know anything about being on the "receiving end" of Paypal. You should look into it! Can't wait for you to get your Etsy shop... sounds great!

Sassy Sistah said...

HI! I'm loving your blog, fellow NC "neighbor!" You inspired me to see how little I could spend at the grocery story today. Well. Instead of the usual (approx) $100, I only spent $53 and change. And that's only because pork chops were on sale and I bought three packages for the freezer.

I've been trying to think of a new direction for my (general) blog. I don't know that I'll start only doing "frugal" posts, but I'll sure start doing "some."

By the way, I live about 20 miles east of Raleigh. I'd love to know what (general) area you're in, unless that would make you uncomfortable to say. You can email me if you'd like at sansmith(at)nc(dot)rr(dot)com. I'm reading your MUCH great information! Thank you!


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