Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Sewing

I've enjoyed the days off from work and feel almost like a full time homemaker!!!

A month or so ago some one requested that I make a quilt for her 4 year old grandson. I tried to get specifics from her, but all she would say was to make it for a 4 year and to make it boyish. Its getting close to Christmas and I also want to make some hand made gifts for my family, so I decided to get most of it done this weekend if possible. With that in mind the quilt needed to be a simple pattern.

I decided to use another McCall's pattern. Its called "Patches for Chris", is for a twin size bed and is very easy. Click here for the pattern and a picture. I purchased two yards of "baseball" fabric that has blues, red and beige in it. Earlier this week I pre-washed the new fabric and several different blue fabrics that I already had.

Early (I mean 5:00 A.M.) this morning I started cutting out the squares and sewing them all together. It went really fast. Here's what I got done today:

I have to purchase coordinating fabrics for the borders and the backing and also a twin size quilt batting.

I also finished one hand made gift for a special family member this week. I cross stitched all the way to and from Tennessee last weekend and put the finishing touches on a pillow earlier this week. I can't post a picture of it here because said special person might see it, so I'm taking a picture and will post after Christmas. Its for a man, so if someone would like to see it privately to get gift ideas, I could email it to you if you email me your email address! LOL

I can't find my pattern book for the pocket book I made about a month ago. It turned out so good and I was going to make a Christmas pocket book and some for gifts. I have looked every where and its no where to be found! I hope it turns up. :o(


Anonymous said...

That is a really cute quilt! I don't see how you get done all that you do. You must be very good at time management! And don't you hate it when you can't find something that you knew you just had your hands on. Don't look for it and it will mysteriously appear. :)


Littlepenpen said...

The quilt is darling. The little boy will love it. 5:00 am on a Saturday... wow, you really did want to get some sewing done, huh? I can remember nights when I would sit up till after 1:00 am just to add more stitches to a quilt I had in the frame. I haven't done that in a LONG time!

Rhonda in OK said...

Debbie, it is really cute and it sure looks like a perfect quilt for a 4 year old boy.

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