Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Organized For Christmas

I've been trying to ignore all the early Christmas decorations, commercials, 24 hour Christmas carols on the radio and people asking me if I'm ready for Christmas yet for a while now. I've always loved Christmas, but I've got a new motto: SIMPLIFY!

With that in mind the first day of December is this Saturday and I do need to do some planning and organizing.

In the past I tried a couple of different kinds of Christmas organizing ideas.

I really like the way Flylady has helped others prepare for Christmas. She advises her readers to get ready for Christmas in baby steps. Pretend you are going on a cruise in December and you have to get everything ready by then! I love that concept. She even has a downloadable Holiday Control Journal.

I also have a book I bought at a library discard sale several years ago called "76 Ways to Get Organized For Christmas". The authors of this book say that getting ready for Christmas is like eating an elephant. Its better to eat the elephant in bites. Christmas isn't a surprise. Its the same day every year and we know about it 365 days ahead of time.

These are the elephant bites listed in the book:

1st bite: Getting organized.
2nd bite: Cutting housework time in half
3rd bite: Gifts and Giving
4th bite: Baking and preparing food
5th bite: Decorating the house and the tree
6th bite: Christmas is for kids, too!
7th bite: Spreading goodwill toward men.
8th bite: Memorable traditions
9th bite: Its over! Now What?

I'll be working on the first bite for a couple of days. I've dug out a leftover composition book from my son's high school days for making my lists. I'll need to mark down certain things on my calendar.

My friends, I think I've become a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas! But, I have purchased a few stocking stuffers during the year. Also I purchased Christmas cards, wrapping paper, tags and bows at the after Christmas sales last year. I do have a few things in my Gift stash. That's a start!

What happened to Fall anyway? All my wonderful Fall decorations are starting to look dull. The pumpkins are melting! LOL. But nature is still in the Fall mode. There are leaves every where. ..... and I love it. Am I the only person who isn't ready to give up the Fall season?


Anonymous said...

I liked your comment that we know Christmas is coming 365 days in advance. So true! :) I think I will take your lead about keeping track of gifts and etc. in a notebook. I have found a few gift ideas that I don't have time to do this year,I think I will keep track of these and hopefully start working on those through out the year. Let us know how your progess is through out the year,keep me motivated. ha.


Littlepenpen said...

I really want to simplify Christmas too! I usually have a little index card with everyone's gifts and ideas written in very tiny handwriting. I definitely need a better system. I'm sure if I look around, I can find a used notebook around here too. Thanks for the tips. (and yes, I'm enjoying the fall season too!)

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