Friday, November 23, 2007

Frugal Friday - A Thrifty Wardrobe

Well the weather here in North Carolina has been anything but normal this year and it seems like the warm weather is just going to keep coming back sandwiched in between cooler days. We've been in the upper 70s off and on for the last 3 weeks. But, I think its going to finally become more seasonable eventually!

So its time to get my closet straightened out and ready for winter. Right now there's a strange combination of summer and winter clothes in there. I'm going to try to get all the summer things out and into storage and then get the fall and winter things organized in there!

I have been extremely inspired by the section in the book "Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman" about the author's wardrobe. I pulled my book out this morning to re-read this part. If I could summarise this in one phrase, it would be, "Eliminate and concentrate". Having a few outfits that coordinate and are the colors you love and look good in makes getting dressed so much easier. The author, Anne Ortlund, even lists her outfits, complete with jewelry, shoes and other accessories, in her notebook. She can get dressed in the morning in a flash because she doesn't have to worry about matching up things or pulling one outfit from a closet crammed full of all kinds of things. She doesn't spend much time shopping and she is generous to the needy or friends with the things she "eliminates".

I think most women, and I am as guilty as anyone, have too many clothes. I don't plan or organize my wardrobe well. I'll go into a store and pick something up without realizing that I already have something similar at home. I want to have in mind what I need when I go shopping so as not to get swept away with how "cute" something is, or the fact that a sales clerk says it looks good on me. I would like to have my outfits organized and ready to go at all times.

Every body's wardrobe needs are different. I need semi-dressy clothes for work and church. I wear the same clothes to both work and church most of the time. I need some comfortable weekend clothes like jeans and tops. I need something very dressy occasionally for weddings, funerals or holiday parties. (I don't go to many of these 3, thank goodness!). I need some casual wear that's kind of in between work clothes and jeans.

With that in mind one of my long Thanksgiving weekend plans is to organize my closet.

I purchased a sweater last weekend at a thrift store that I think I can make into at least 4 outfits by combining it with what I already have. This sweater has black, red, camel and cream colors in it. I washed it as soon as I got it home and it washed wonderfully!

Here is the sweater with black pants:

Here is the sweater with a long black skirt and a red blazer:

Here is the sweater with a long red skirt and black blazer:

Here is the sweater with jeans:

I I were going to go shopping for clothes I would be on the look out for some camel colored winter pants and I would then have another outfit!

I think the investment of $2.00 for the sweater is going to pay off, don't you!!!???

Well, I'm off to eliminate and concentrate in my closet!

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Melissa said...

I love these kinds of posts because it really embodies all that I want for my life! I believe being good stewards with what God has given us is extended into EVERY aspect of our lives including our clothes!

Thanks for the inspiration!

PS - Do you recommend Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman?

Littlepenpen said...

Nice sweater! I saw a new (to me) consignment shop a few weeks ago, and am dying to get back by there. I don't drive very well in G.boro, so I have to wait until the more experienced G.boro drivers can take me. I really need to clean out my closet too and put together a few outfits.

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