Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In this little corner of my sewing room, there is a quart size canning jar filled with potpourri with a candle holder sitting in the top of it. I have tied a scrap of fall colored fabric around the neck of the jar. I had this candle holder and the one below last year, but added the Fall colored ties this year. Also, these are a few of my quilting books and some yard sale baskets waiting to be filled with home made napkins.

This is in the bathroom. It is a pint size canning jar containing Fall potpourri with a green candle in the holder. I made the bow with some Fall colored fabric. It is sitting on a homespun plaid coaster that I made.

There are some really cute Fall canning jar candle holders as well as other Fall decorating ideas on Monica's blog at http://thehomespunheart.blogspot.com/

Even Dave, our dog, has his own little bit of Autumn. The placemat his dog dish sits on has Fall leaves on it. He is a 15 year old black and white Sheltie. Dave is very feeble and deaf. He sleeps most of the time and needs help going up and down the steps when he goes outside. He actually belongs to my daughter. She got him as a puppy when she was 12. When she went away to college he became mine and my son, Jacob's. He usually sleeps in Jacob's room but sometimes he sleeps outside the door to our bedroom. This morning when I opened the door he was fast asleep there. We just stepped over him and he never woke up. (You have to be careful or you will fall over him!) About an hour later he came out looking at us as if to say, "How'd you guys get out here?". LOL. When I get home in the afternoon, its usually about an hour before he realizes anybody's home. Poor thing can't hear a lick!

I hope you are enjoying your first week of Fall. That North Carolina summer heat is hanging on, but there's cooler weather in sight. I guess you'd call it an Indian Summer.


Angela / Country Life said...

Love the decorations. Especially the pet food place mat!! Don't you just love all the cozy warmness of fall?

Littlepenpen said...

I am enjoying looking at your fall things. Dave, the dog, rates pretty high to have his own autumn placemat. I clicked to enlarge your quilting books so I could read the titles. I have the Fast and Fun quilt book.

Joy said...

I can see the photos on this one now :) Thanks! They are lovely and do make everything look so cozy :)



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