Monday, September 24, 2007


As promised I am posting pictures of touches of fall in my home every day this week in celebration of the long awaited arrival of my favorite season.

This post is also a "Heart Strings" post.

I love sunflowers, daisies and brown eyed susans! I have been seeing some beautiful wreaths with fall flowers on them on the front doors of many homes and had commented to my husband how much I liked them and that I was going to try to make one of my own. I had a small fall wreath on our front door that wasn't very pretty.

Saturday when he was on the way home from work I called him to ask him to bring something from the grocery store and he told me he had a surprise for me and he hoped I would like it. Well, he came in with this beautiful fall wreath with sunflowers on it!!! I absolutely love it and will always treasure it because he remembered me making that one little comment and went to the trouble to go to a florist and get it for me.

Thank you Honey!!! You are the best!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful wreath and great story of your husband's thoughtfulness!
Enjoy! :)
Blessings, Ruth

WesternWarmth said...

That is so sweet! Kudos to your hubby.

Angelena said...

How sweet and thoughtful of your hubby! The wreath is beautiful. Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Littlepenpen said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous wreath! Your hubby has great taste, huh? Can't wait to see more pictures.

ancient one said...

You got yourself a good husband! One comment, and he surprises you... I love the wreath!!

Oh, and I love the new picture of the baby all wide awake. He is growing so fast!!

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