Saturday, August 18, 2007

We made it!

My VERY pregnant daughter and her husband are now living in their new town! We left home this morning at 6:30 and got home tonight at 6:00. We drove a total of 260 miles. We filled up a pick up, a huge trailer, a van with the seats removed and 2 other cars with stuff. We cleaned the carpet in the apartment they moved from and almost cleaned everything. Do I have to explain to you how tired I am?!!!!

I am so relieved that this all fell into place before the baby arrived!

They still need to do a lot of unpacking and lots of things to get ready for the baby. I still have several boxes and bags of baby shower stuff at my house to get to them.

My son in law has to make one more 200 mile round trip to get the last of their stuff, finish cleaning and turn in the keys to the apartment. He plans to do this early tomorrow morning so that hopefully he won't be too far away from his VERY pregnant wife as she nears her due date in 2 weeks.

I am so excited for them. I think I have memorized the directions to their new house but if not, I have been told by other grandparents that my car will know how to get there all by itself after a while. They are still a little over an hour away.

I am so thankful to my hubbie/sweetie for all he did today. He borrowed the trailer and master minded the packing of the stuff. He tied it all down and nothing even budged! He is so good at helping people move.

Let me tell you people, moving is a lot of work!!!!


Littlepenpen said...

How very very exciting! I'm sure everyone is relieved that they are officially in the house! What a joy to be moving into a new house and having a new baby within weeks of each other... hope you all sleep well tonight! (your daughter looks like she is going to pop!)

Connie W said...

What an enormous task but you all worked hard and got it done. I'm sure that your daugher and SIL are more than grateful for your loving help. When the baby is born hopefully you all will be rested up and ready for celebrating the new wee one.

randi said...

How exciting to be waiting for a grandbaby! Blessings to you as you enjoy this wonderful time with your daughter!

ancient one said...

I glad everything just fell into place at just the right time. I know you were tired!!

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