Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fall Quilt

These are some bigger pictures of my fall quilt.

I made it with all kinds of fall scraps and fabrics. I ordered some on ebay, used some scraps people had given me, used some scraps I had from the past and bought a few 5 inch strips from Walmart of fabrics with fall leaves, sunflowers, etc. I bought the fabric from Walmart for the backing. The backing has cows, sunflowers, tractors, chickens and all kinds of farm things like that on it.

This is the pattern I used: http://www.quiltville.com/stringx.shtml I didn't use a foundation fabric because I found I could just sew the strips together until the piece was big enough, press it flat, and then rotary cut off the edges to the correct size.

I also made the baby quilt on my side bar out of all kinds of "baby" scraps from the same pattern.

I love the Quiltville Web Site. Bonnie's scrap quilt patterns are the best I've ever seen. I love her leaders/enders instructions!!!! You can make two quilt tops at the same time this way!

Thanks, Debbie J.


Joy said...

Oh it's gorgeous! I'll have to check out that pattern... I have heaps of 6" squares cut out!
I've been wanting to make a Fall quilt for a while now. I've got a small collection of fabric for it, and a few patterns, but they are a bit harder... and I have at least 25 other things to finish first...!
Thanks for sharing the photos and the link!
We are heading into spring right now. The past few days the weather has been lovely and I've managed to get all my washing dry outside :) We still had frost the other morning though...

Littlepenpen said...

I love the colors in your Fall quilt and the baby quilt is precious too! That sure is going to be a warm baby, with all his new quilts from Grandma! Any baby news yet?

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