Friday, August 17, 2007

Frugal Friday - The Fruits of My Labor

We needed sheets and a bumper pad for this family heirloom cradle. They didn't have the size we needed at our local stores and they were pretty pricey on line, so I decided to just make them myself. I already had most of the fabric on hand and purchased some more at Walmart to match the quilt I had already made.

This is the finished Jungle Babies bumper pad, matching sheet, quilt and hanging pillow which I have been working on this week. For safety we will hang the pillow somewhere else, but I thought it was cute for this picture. There is also a rice filled heating pad. We call these "Cuddle Buddies". I have been making them for the upcoming fall and winter season for gifts, to sell and for our own use. You heat them up in the microwave and they are wonderful!!! Some of them have lavender in them. The baby's Mama can heat it up just a little bit for the baby or heat it up more for herself! She might even be able to use it during labor! They are also good to freeze and use for ice packs or for sinus headaches.

I also have made a pastel yellow and yellowed checked sheet to match.

We will be moving this cradle along with the other baby stuff we have been storing for my daughter and her hubby to their new home tomorrow. They have been living in a tiny apartment until the house was ready and had no where to store their shower presents, etc.

I will be so busy at work today!!! Fridays are always busy, but today I have to travel to another county to a town called "Elizabethtown". Just like the movie, but not the same state! That was a crazy movie by the way. We didn't really like it!

Have a great Friday and Weekend!!!!

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Debbie J.


Joy said...

Beautiful!!! You have done such a wonderful job! It all looks so cute.... :)



Rebecca said...

Amazing work! Everything looks wonderful. I love my rice pack, but never considered using it for a baby...

WesternWarmth said...

I haven't visited your blog in awhile. Glad I stopped by today. You've given me lots of sewing inspiration. My mom sent me some fabric scraps and I'm planning to get to work making Christmas gifts before baby comes. Could you give me suggestions of what to make? I need ideas for in-laws and also the kids. Thanks!

Littlepenpen said...

Debbie J, everything is so pretty! I can almost see a pretty little baby boy lying in the cradle. I used to have a rice pack that I made, but lost it somewhere along the way through several moves. We all used to love it; think I'll make another!

Connie W said...

They are beautiful and look like they came from a baby boutique. Best of luck for all the busy-ness of the weekend.

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

What a GREAT job!

You have a really neat blog! I love quilting blogs. Do you have a post about your fall scrap quilt? I'd love to see a bigger picture of it and how you made it!

Sew Chic said...

You do beautiful work! Congratulations on the new, soon-to-be-here baby!

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