Thursday, August 16, 2007


I have been busy sewing before and after work all week. The earlier I can get up in the morning, the better I like it. I love to get that coffee going, do my morning routine, and have some time for sewing. My daughter asked me this week "How do you have time to sew before going to work in the morning?!!" I told her that I feel as if I have no life if I don't have some down time in the morning. If I got up at the last minute and just left to go to work, I'd be a little stressed out. (more than usual :o)

I have almost completed a new bumper pad and 3 new sheets for the baby's cradle, that match the jungle babies quilt I made for him. I think a little hanging pillow would be cute from the same fabric to hang on the end of the cradle or a door knob.

I have so many crafty ideas now, I just can get the time to put them in action!


Littlepenpen said...

Wow, what time do you go to work? I can't imagine getting up early enough to sew before work, plus, I would find myself not wanting to stop in time for work! That baby will be so beautiful lying in his newly dressed cradle at Grandma's.

ancient one said...

You have been a busy little bee. I loved your napkins and all the ideas for your Christmas sewing. We didn't get as much mess from the storm as you did. Our power was off for about half an hour. We had some dead trees on the next lot and some of the tops on them fell out and one tree fell but they all fell the right way... didn't mess up the goat fencing at all... the yard was messey but the lawnmower got the debris...we do still have pine cones to pick up in the drive way. That little boy is going to have some nice things over at grandma's house.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
You have been one busy bee. Not much longer. I have about a little on three months to go. My son told me this week they are naming her Julia Marie.

Joy said...

I also have way too many crafty ideas to finish! I should get up earlier like you and do some before I do school with the kids!
Thanks to you I dug out my unfinished Christmas projects and a couple of friends and I have decided to finish them... stockings, placemats, etc. I want to do some napkins too...
Keep on motivating me Debbie!!! LOL!

Connie W said...

Sometimes we have to be creative to make time to sew with a busy schedule using up so much of our time. Looks like you've found a way to manage business & pleasure.

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