Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Busy Happy Week!

This Baby Bouncy Seat is all ready for the Bouncing Baby Boy!!!!

This is going to be a busy, yet happy week! My daughter has only 2 weeks left til her due date and We will be helping them move into their new home Saturday. Her husband is starting his new job today! Maybe in about a month they can catch their breath!!! Well it maybe about 20 years :0)!

I am praying for a safe and easy delivery for Lori and especially for a healthy baby! I would appreciate any prayers you can send our way too!

I have been really busy both at work and at home.

At home I am sewing like crazy! Every year at Christmas time I realize that I wanted to make some home made gifts for certain people, but by that time its just too late! This year I am already working on some things. I am making use of the wonderful fabric remnants that were given to me. I will post pictures here a little later on.

One idea I have is to make Christmas Napkins like the ones in my previous posts and roll them up and arrange them in a Christmasy basket. I have 2 such baskets on hand already that I bought at a little church thrift shop in Gatlinburg, TN last November when sweetie and I went on our anniversary trip. I already have lots of Christmas fabric.

I am getting all kinds of ideas from some really smart ladies' blogs I have been reading.

I always get in the mood to sew in late summer and especially in fall and winter. But I usually start a big project like a quilt. This year I am going to use that energy to make some gifts. I would like to sell some also, but I'm not sure if I can find buyers. I thought about having another yard sale in October and have a craft section. The only problem with that is most people don't want to spend much at yard sales and I don't blame them!!!!

Well, I gotta go get ready for work! Have a great Day! Hugs, Debbie J.


Littlepenpen said...

I love your fall quilt posted on the left side of the blog. Did you just make that one? I love the colors. I'm sure everyone is ready for that little baby boy to arrive... mommy will be exhausted by the time he gets here! I hope the move goes well this weekend. Smart you... thinking ahead for Christmas... the napkin idea is a good one!

Deb said...

A great reminder for me to start thinking of those Christmas gifts & projects now, instead of at the last minute!

Rebecca said...

Another great creation! I just recently got bitten again by the sewing bug, so can appreciate all things sewn! Is this a cover for the existing bouncer? Did you just come up with the pattern yourself by mimicking the old cover? I would love to do this to my existing {older} bouncy seat!

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