Monday, July 2, 2007

Fourth of July Week

I'm off work until Thursday! Huuraaaay!!!!

This morning I am finishing up addressing the baby shower invitations. The shower is July 15th. I have them almost finished and will put them in the mail box before the mail lady comes. Then I am going to work on getting the house in shape for the shower. I plan to work on one room at a time and in the rooms I don't get to I will make a list of what needs to be done there.

Since people will be coming in through the front door I will start on the front porch and foyer. I need to pick up some plants for some pots that I usually use on the porch. Hope its not to late to get some healthy ones.

The foyer contains a piano and my sewing machine. The sewing machine is in a cabinet that can be closed up when not in use. I also have a wooden shelf with baskets that contain my sewing supplies, projects in progress, fabric, etc which keeps them out of sight. This morning I plan to make it look like a foyer and not a sewing room.
I am going to Wilmington tomorrow night to attend another baby shower for my daughter being given by her co-workers.

On the menu tonight is lasagna!

Have a great Monday!

Debbie J.


ancient one said...

Enjoy your days off and don't work too hard! Grandchildren are the best!! You will be amazed how much you will love that baby!

Littlepenpen said...

You have a very busy week ahead of you! Baby showers are fun and you will be even more excited after seeing all those cute baby gifts. You must have a pretty large foyer to have all that room for sewing there. I'm still waiting for the first kid to move out so I can have my sewing room!

Littlepenpen said...

I hope you post pictures from Wilmington and the shower!

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