Friday, June 29, 2007

Frugal Friday

If you have a Dollar General in your area you should really check it out. While not everything there is a good deal, lots of things are. I posted previously about the good prices they had on the supplies I need for the upcoming baby shower I am giving for my daughter.

The best buy was the invitations. Comparable ones at Walmart were $3.97 and DG's were $1.00 per pack. The same was true for the napkins, plates, etc. at $1.00 each pack.

I never pay the outrageous prices that greeting cards cost at drugstores or Walmart. Dollar General has beautiful cards for $.50 each. Pretty soon it will cost more for the postage stamp than for the card! Most of the cards are of good quality and pretty. I try to keep a supply of Get Well and Sympathy Cards on hand. Usually when I am in there I try to think ahead to what occasions I have coming up. Next time I am in there I need to get a birthday card for my son, and congratulations on the new baby card for my daughter. If I wait until I need the cards, I will have to resort to paying full price because of lack of time.

Other items I routinely buy at DG are Cream Soups for recipes, spices, shampoos, and Clover Valley brand fabric Softener Sheets.

Even in the rural area that I live in we have several DGs to choose from. They seem to pop up in every small town. There are 5 within the area that I am frequently traveling through.

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Debbie J.


Littlepenpen said...

I like shopping at DG too! I try to buy all my cleaning supplies from there. They are much cheaper and then I get to look at all the other great "stuff" they have. I have bought spices from there, but lately, I've been buying some of them from the "hispanic" section of Walmart. (like cumin and chili powder) They are packaged in small plastic bags and are much cheaper than buying the name brand. (even though I usually see McCormick on the label)

Debbie J. said...

Thanks Penny! I need to check out those spices at Walmart. I just bought some Cumin at Piggly Wiggly and it wasn't too cheap! That's one they didn't have at DG. Dg only has the basic spices. I needed the cumin for the beef chimichangas. I will look at WM next trip.

Michelle said...

What a good idea! I've never thought of greeting cards from the dollar store. I'm gonna have to check it out.

Littlepenpen said...

My daughter just started a blog if you are interested in reading it.

JoAnn said...

I love the DG it has some great prices on things. Great tips.

Sherry said...

We have DG as well as Dollar Tree here in North Texas. I love DT! They carry really nice gift bags, many with added 3-D designs on the side, from small to super large, and everything's a dollar! Candles are 4 for a $1. Yes, these places are definitely worth checking out.

Mary Ann said...

I discovered DG's cards after we got married almost 3 years ago. Suddenly, I had twice as many cards to send and not much money! I even got beautiful Mother's Day cards there this year for $1 each-the more expensive selection- but still a great price for what I picked out. Dollar Tree also has nice cards at 2/$1.

The Davis Chronicles said...

Thanks for your reply. My family lives in Reidsville which is off of Highway 29 and Highway 87 close to Greensboro. My dad is from Hickory and his family settled in that area in the late 1700's. So I'm about as "from" North Carolina as it gets. :o) I miss being there, but at least we get to come back and visit sometimes. I graduated from a Christian college in Columbia, SC before moving here.

I added a link to your blog on my site. I don't update our seanandcat site very often since it's a public site. I have a protected and public site at that I keep up with.

It's nice to meet you as well.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I followed your link from Beautiful womanhood. THANKS for the tips. We have a dollar general close... I just received one of those holders for birthday cards for the year. I tried to fill it up this year -- boy did that cost a pretty penny.

NEXT year -- I'm hitting D.G. first. THANKS!! Ü

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