Monday, June 25, 2007

Another week of Blessings!

Happy Monday! Monday is moving on with us or without us, so might as well be happy about it! My first blessing of the week is the fact that I won a drawing on Elizabeth's Blog (Clothesline Talk). I didn't even realize I had won at first! I won a quilt pattern and thats one of my favorite things. Thanks Elizabeth!

For dinner on Sunday (that's the same as lunch if you don't live in my part of the South:o)) I cooked two recipes from the book I got from the library on Saturday ("Don't Panic Dinner is in the Freezer") I decided to try out some of the recipes first before freezing any. I made the Beef Chimichangas and Chicken Catciatore served over pasta. Yes, all in one meal. We had a variety of flavors. I also cooked Veg-All Casserole and Fresh corn on the cob, and of course sweet tea. The Veg-All Casserole is from my Mayberry Cookbook and my family really likes it. The corn was really, really good. The variety is Ambrosia. Nothing is as good as fresh corn on the cob right out of the field.

I will definitely be freezing some of the Beef Chimichanga mixture. I know my family would like that.

The chicken was good too. It cooked in the crock pot while we were at church.

Have a great day! Debbie J.


Littlepenpen said...

Yum, your meal sounds great! I am trying to use my slow cooker more and more these days. I have a lower fat crockpot cookbook that I am trying different recipes from... so far, they've all been good. Happy Monday!

Littlepenpen said...

One more thing... if you will email me (look under my profile for email) I will send you the pictures of that quilt pattern you won, done in a country theme. I didn't make the quilt, I just took a picture of it at a quilt show in Raleigh. There is a quilt shop in Apex that is offering that pattern as a block of the month club. I've been thinking of signing up.

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