Monday, June 25, 2007

Ten Southern Things

I've been tagged by Little PenPen to make a list of ten Southern things. Here goes:
1. Fried food.(If you stand still in the South they will bread you and fry you!)
2. Everything closes and there is no bread in the grocery store if there is any mention of snow in the forecast. The weatherman is afraid to say snow and just says the "S" Word. We insist that the schools close because it is dangerous for our kids to be on school buses, but then we pull them on a sled behind our 4 wheel drive truck on the interstate. (My neighbors actually pulled their children and my son like this down the road in front of our house, much to my horror!)
3. Sweet Tea (Mickey D's for $1.00 is the best!!!)
4. Our vegetables are well cooked, not crunchy.
5. We call lunch dinner.
6. A popular dance is shagging.
7. A good Southern cook will feed anybody in her path.
8. Our grandparents are called our ma-mas and pa-pas.
9. A lot of people have double names like Billy Bob, Joe Ben, Debbie Lou, etc. If their Mama didn't name them that we will nick name them that anyway.
10. You have to look out for water moccasins in the summer (a snake).
Do I have any Southern Blog Readers? I'm not sure who to tag!!!
Debbie J.


Littlepenpen said...

Yep, you are truly southern. Your list sums it up!

Beemoosie said...

Oh Debbie, I am in awe!!! I'm just a wannabe!!! LOL! So nice to meet you!

The Davis Chronicles said...

I was born and raised in North Carolina and I just came by your blog today from BiblicalWomanhood's frugral Friday's. I got a great laugh out of your top 10 southern things.
Now I live in Seattle where I've been for 7 yrs. I was so confused the first time I went to a "bbq" here and people were flippin' burgers on a grill. I was terribly disappointed to find that there was no pig and absolutely no BBQ sauce anywhere.
We also do NOT have fried okra, southern cooking, thunderstorms, warm summer nights, lightening bugs, or ChickFilA. Sometimes I really miss the south. Where do you live?

~ Catherine

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