Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Friday!

Last night I made homemade pizzas. We needed to run a couple of errands after I got home, so first I put the ingredients in the bread machine for the pizza dough so it could be doing its job while we were gone. When we got back all I had to do was put the pizzas together. On the first one I put bell pepper from the garden, onion, pepperoni and the cheeses. On the other one I put hamburger and pepperoni. They came out great!

I am excited about the cook book I got from the library this morning before work. Its called "Don't panic, dinner is in the freezer". I haven't been too successful with freezer cooking, but hopefully this book will give me some new ideas and incentive. Just looking through it I saw some things I want to try.

Last night I browned some hamburger and put in containers in the freezer. There are lots of things I can use this for to put supper on the table in a hurry. Food Lion has its lean hamburger on sale this week. I will probably buy another pack and brown and freeze it too.

The library is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. Each Friday I check out three movies that are not due back until Monday. My library has a great selection. They even now have DVDs. The library is probably the best place to save money if you think about it. You can use the internet free, you can check out movies, you can get free entertainment for yourself and your children, 100s of cookbooks and how to books, it goes on and on.

Looks like I will be a "real" homemaker this weekend. Cooking, cleaning and sewing!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Debbie J.


Littlepenpen said...

Hi Debbie J.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I agree that our profiles are so much alike. I have read all the books you mention in your profile too. We must be kindred spirits! I'll be visiting here more often.

Sandy said...

The library is also one of my favorite places.

Littlepenpen said...

Did you check Elizabeth's blog? You won something!

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