Monday, September 10, 2018

Chalkboard Messages

I recently bought this little 2 sided chalkboard on Amazon to use as a photo prop with my grandchildren.    In addition to its use as a photo prop, I discovered that I really like writing different things on it.  It sits on the kitchen counter where we see it all the time.  I am really enjoying it.

Here I used it as a photo prop:

I used it here for my granddaughter's 2 month pictures.  I will be using it for this purpose a lot in the future.

Here I wanted to surprise my husband with a compliment!  He didn't notice it at first, so I took a picture and texted it to him.  He thinks I'm kind of crazy. LOL

It will be great for different seasons.  Fall, Winter, Christmas, Valentines, Spring, Summer, 4th of July and birthdays, etc. will be showing up on it.

One favorite way to use it is for Bible verses or Christian quotes

I'm not a chalkboard artist, but I can write and draw a simple sunshine, flower or heart!  Also there are all kinds of ideas on pinterest.

The frame is natural wood, but I'm thinking of painting it.  Just not sure what color.

If anyone is interested, my Amazon referral link for the chalkboard is below:

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Little Penpen said...

I love the one with "don't mess with her"... such cute ideas! I like to write... period. I used to have a dry erase board that I kept up with things on during the week; and it was fun to jazz it up with messages to the kids for their birthdays, etc. I think I need to buy a new one (I think I ruined mine by trying to staple magnets on it to hang on the fridge... didn't work... I finally threw it away... ha!) Cute post... I know you love photographing those grandkids!

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