Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Dollar General Deals For Today(7/7/18)

I made a quick trip to Dollar General to pick up a few things and take advantage of a few deals.  I love having a Dollar General right down the road.  Its so convenient.  The one I usually go to is only about 5 minutes or less.  But there are 2 more that are about 10 minutes away.  And also 2 in the town I work in.

These prices are good through today.

Buy a pack of Luvs Diapers for $6.50
   Less a DG digital coupon of $1.00
   Get a Luvs wipes (value of @2.00) free (do not clip the 50 cents off wipes digital coupon)

Buy a Gain Laundry Detergent on sale for $3.95
  Less a DG digital coupon of $2.00

Buy a Gain fabric softener sheets (105 ct) for $3.95
  Less a DG digital Coupon of $2.00

Buy 2 Cover Girl Continuous color lipsticks at $5.00 each
  Less a DG digital Coupon of buy one get one free (less $5.00)
  Less a DG digital Coupon of $4.00 off 2. (see note below)

On the Dollar General App, only click on the above 2 coupons.  Not the $1.50 off.  If you do the cash register will use it and the $4.00 off will not work.

ONLY $1.00 FOR BOTH LIPSTICKS!  ( bought bronzed peach and smokey rose)

Buy 3 Nestle Ice Cream Sandwiches at $1.25 each
  Less a DG digital coupon of $2.00 of 3

Use a $5.00 of $25.00 order (either digital or paper)

Total out of pocket:  $7.15 (plus tax.)

There were many more deals.  I would suggest just going over the Dollar General coupons on their app or website and see which ones you could use.

For example:  Tide, toilet paper, grocery items, deodorant, Razors and more.


Rhonda said...

Hello, I just saw your 2 recent blog posts.n
I’m still a big fan of coupons but haven’t couponed much as I’m still so stocked from all the deals I did in 2017.
You did great at DG- all that stuff for the price of the diapers. We only have 1 grand still in diapers.

And I laughed when I saw your dinosaur John Deere quilt. Little boys like both for sure. There is so much cute fabric, it’s hard to choose.

Little Penpen said...

You did way better than me. I didn't think to use the coupons until we got to the store, so I had to hurry and load what I needed. I did get the gain and a few other things... saved $11 off my total, used the $5 coupon too. I wish I had seen the LUVS deal and the lipstick!

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