Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A little bit of everything!

Happy July 4th, 2018!

I had a little time today with being off work, so I wanted to do a little update.  I want to start blogging regularly again.  I miss it when I'm not blogging and am constantly thinking of ideas.  So here are a few things that have been going on with me lately.

Walking!  I have really increased the amount of exercise I get.  I tend to be pretty sedentary with having a desk job.  My sister gave me a Fit Bit for my birthday in February and it has really opened my eyes to what I should be doing.  The goal for steps each day is 10,000.  I have reached that goal only twice, but I've improved a lot!  Most days I try to shoot for at least 8,000.    I love my Fit Bit!  It sincs with my phone and gives me so much information on my health, such as sleep, steps, miles, heart rate, minutes of active exercise, and more.  It says I am in excellent health, which may or may not be true, but I like hearing that.

How do I do get my steps in?  Lately its too hot outside most of the time, but I have found if I walk in the shade for 10 minutes at the time, its doable.  Also doing inside walking works good for me.  You can find all the videos you could possibly be able to do on You Tube.  I can do a 2 mile walk in about 30 minutes.  Lots of mornings I fit in 1 mile before going to work.

I can also meet my hourly goal of at least 250 steps by walking inside.  From one end of my house to the other is about 40 steps.  So Walking back and forth a few times while listening to music, or You Tube Videos works too.  Here's my Fit Bit:

I've been couponing at CVS, Dollar General and Food Lion.  I made a small purchase at CVS this week.  3 containers of laundry detergent, and 2 boxes of cereal for $3.69 out of pocket isn't too bad.  I also received $2.50 extra bucks for my next order.  There were lots of deals I could have taken advantage of , but I'm trying to keep things simple.  Its gets very complicated some times when you get to the cash register with a hand full of coupons and I figure I should not buy stuff I don't really need or even like just because its a good deal, or even free after coupons.

There is a P&G deal this week, where you spend $30.00 on certain P & G products and you get back $10.00 Extra Bucks for your next order.  I just didn't need or use most of the products, but you might want to check into it.  If you have coupons to apply toward the items, you could get some great deals.

I've been working on a reversible quilt for one of my grandsons.  One side will be dinosaurs and the other side will be John Deere tractors.

My vision is for him to use the quilt on the floor as a play mat when he is playing with dinosaurs or tractors, or what ever.  Then he can also use it on his bed, since he is bigger now and has outgrown his baby quilts.

I'm still working on the double Irish chain quilt, as I can, doing leaders and enders, or just sewing on it as the main project occasionally.  Here's a stack of blocks and some samples of different colors.  Oh yeah, its going to be in rainbow colors.

My current coffee cup.  Its not that pretty, but its solid and I love to drink coffee in a solid feeling coffee cup.  This one came from Cracker Barrel a few years ago.

Coffee center:  That's Pyure Stevia in the glass jar with the chicken lid.  I use half and half and stevia in my coffee.  Sometimes I'll put a scoop of collagen in it, which is what's in that plastic jar with the lid at the back.  Drinking K cups is much more expensive than regular drip coffee, but we love the convenience and the taste.  A few ways we save money on them:  We always buy them on sale.  We always buy the store brand.  We often buy them at Dollar General on Saturdays and use the $5.00 off $25 coupon that is usually available.  One trick is that you can make the large size cup with the K Cup the first time and then change the setting to the small cup size with the same K Cup which will make another "about" a half of cup, which isn't bad if you combine it with the first cup.   (by itself its a tad weak)   I often combine it all together for the coffee I take with me in an insulated travel mug on the way to work.

We are expecting a new granddaughter any minute!  Her due date is today, the fourth of July!  But her Mama is still waiting and is so ready for little Victoria to arrive.  So, I'll post about her as soon as she arrives.


Angela said...

Glad to see you back!

Terri said...

It's good to hear from you! The exercise video looks like it was Leslie Sansone. I love her videos and it's a good workout. I cannot wait until my surgery is over (7/12) and hopefully, I can start walking again. I'm really sick of just sitting in a chair! Love your quilting project, and congratulations on the new grandbaby!

Little Penpen said...

I've been thinking about your new baby and wondering if she was here yet. The baby I made the quilt for, made his appearance yesterday. I used to have a fitbit when I worked and usually got my steps in with no problem there. But my fitbit no longer works and neither do It is so hot and I live so far from the mall,which would be a cool place to walk. I have to figure something out soon! I'm proud that you are walking so much. I love the rainbow blocks; that is going to make one pretty quilt. Your grandson will LOVE his new dinosaur and tractor quilt. I keep thinking of the John Deere one you made for Victoria. I would love to run across that panel one day. Very smart idea on the k cups too. I don't use them any longer, but my daughter does. The first cup is a little strong to me, so it makes perfect sense to add a little more with the same k cup. I hope you do get back to blogging more regularly... I miss you!!!

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