Thursday, August 31, 2017

Glimpses of Home

Hey you guys!  Here is a peek into my life recently.

I have discovered that I can completely empty the dishwasher while brewing two cups of coffee.  Not only that, I refill the water reservoir on the coffee maker.  This may not sound like a big deal, but its one way to get a head start on the morning.  Its a small accomplishment done early in the morning.  One small way to NOT procrastinate!

Another way I avoided procrastination was that after getting home from a weekend trip, I unpacked immediately.  This is also a little unusual for me.  Normally I would still be unpacking the next morning... as in retrieving what ever I needed to get ready for work from the bags and basically living out of my bag for a couple of days.

My sweet friend, Penny, embroidered this dishtowel for me.  I love it!  She did such a good job. She has motivated me to do more handwork!  You can see her blog HERE.

Pumpkins!  I've already got some!

Did you ever wonder where all the pumpkins sold all over America come from?  Lots of them are grown in the North Carolina mountains.  There are pumpkin vines as far as you can see:

I planted some sunflower seeds a little later in the summer so that I would have some in bloom during the fall.  I was a little sad because we had the house pressure washed and the chemicals dripped on some of my plants.  Most of them didn't survive, but this one sunflower did bloom, despite the damage.  You can see that the leaves are burned.

The Autumn Clematis is blooming over the pallet flag and the yellow Zinnias are still blooming.  I'll be adding pumpkins to this area this weekend!

See that tiny bird feather that fell on this daisy?  I love finding things like that.

Happy last day of August! Fall is almost here!


Little Penpen said...

The bird feather is a gift from heaven, they say. ;-) That little sunflower was determined to live and it did! How pretty! I love sunflowers. Your flowers still look so pretty for so late in the summer. Pumpkins will surely mean Fall is on the way. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather. I truly think I accomplished more at home when I was working, than I am now that I'm home all the time. I had more discipline back then for sure. You know how to use your time wisely! I hope you enjoy the towel.

Billie Jo said...

Such lovely photos on this last day of August.
I love your determined sunflower, standing tall and proud.
Have a cozy evening!

Meggie said...

So many beautiful photos to share with us....I have never seen a pumpkin patch...I'm so ready for cooler weather.

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