Monday, October 3, 2016

Under the Sink

Fall Cleaning continues!  Last week I worked in the kitchen.  Deep cleaning in the kitchen isn't for sissies!  I've decided that I have to clean the oven more often, so that when I do clean it, it isn't a marathon!  Good Grief!

Here are the before and after pictures for the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink:


I love the chicken wire basket with the burlap trim, that I am storing dishwasher tablets in.  I found it at Dollar General.  They only had one at that particular store, but since there are several more Dollar General Stores nearby, I plan to look for more.  I think it would be cute for storing folded dishtowels and dish cloths.

I didn't take a before picture of the silverware drawer, but here's the after picture.  This is another small area that needs to be cleaned regularly.  I don't know how the tray gets so dirty.  Evidently every time the drawer is opened, some dust or crumbs jump in there!

In my planning for fall cleaning in zones, I allowed extra time for the kitchen.  So, this week I'll finish working in the kitchen and also work in the dining room.  I planned eight zones, and this is week eight!  I am going to start over next week with zone one, because there were some jobs in each zone that I didn't get done and I also want to keep the work I've done maintained.  Also, all of the closets in the house need work. 

My ultimate plan is that once I get the whole house completely decluttered and cleaned, I will have time for sewing and quilting.  Can't wait.

Here are a couple more Fall Pictures from our yard.

Have a wonderful first week of October!


Little Penpen said...

Ok, Deb... I didn't think your 'before' pic looked too bad under the sink. LOL But it is amazing in the 'after' pic. Do you have a self cleaning oven? If it wasn't for that, my oven would be a fire hazard, for sure. Your pumpkins are pretty and I hope you can soon get to your sewing!!

Denise said...

Looks great, under the sink area is always a tough one to clean and keep clean at my house!

Meggie said...

It's a wonder that all of our "under sink" cabinets don't explode (laughing). Your pumpkin display is beautiful !

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