Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Farmhouse Yard Spruce Up

My Fall Cleaning in zones continues!  So far I have tackled the deep cleaning and spruce up of the Main Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Living Room, Sewing Room and this past week, the porches and yard.

Y'all, its still hot around here!  I worked every afternoon after work and most of the day on Saturday,  and was so hot and sweaty.  My hubby trimmed the bushes and a big pine tree, and brought me some pine straw, potting soil, mums and pumpkins.  But, my biggest surprise was the John Deere green bench shown on the porch here.
 ~ Love ~

I made the pillows for the rocking chairs before work one morning and another morning I raked up the hedge trimmings.

I had planned to store the pallet flag after Labor Day, but I decided I like it with mums and pumpkins.  What's more American than flags and pumpkins?

My hubby also had these cute pumpkins designed.  I love them.  He likes to call me Glamma.

I divided and re-potted some house plants.

Other chores I got done are:  Dead heading flowers, trimming everything, weeding, planting a hydrangea, transplanting a day lily and another plant, putting out pine straw, sweeping and cleaning the floors of the porches and organizing and getting rid of some flower pots.

Here are some more pictures that I took that have nothing to do with cleaning up the yard, but I like.

 A cotton boll that has opened.

 A cotton flower.

The cotton field.  Eventually the leaves will fall off and all the white cotton will shine! 

... And EEEK!  A spider!

This coming week, I have 2 projects in mind.  First of all the zone I am working in is the mud room/pantry/laundry room area.  This area isn't nearly as overwhelming to me as some of the others have been.  The second thing is that the men's group at my church are having a yard sale next weekend and I plan to get together some things to donate.  This will help me a lot in my fall cleaning and decluttering.  I need to have the donations together by Friday afternoon.  So my plan of attack is to do a 15 or 20 minute job in the zone each morning and then to work on gathering the donations for a few minutes each day after work.  Wish me luck!


Meggie said...

Nice your autumn look. I bought a couple of pumpkins yesterday. I'm trying to hold off until October 1st to display them. It is still so hot here in Texas. Over the week end, we had a heat index of 104

Little Penpen said...

Your house looks great! I love the john deere green bench and your pillows just make everything POP. Americana has no season! I love your pallet flag and it deserves to shine year round. I so wish we were neighbors; you inspire me! Those pumpkins are great!

Denise said...

You surely are the energizer bunny, everything looks beautiful and I am jealous of that beautiful covered front porch. Your post is giving me the incentive to do the same, it's amazing what can be done in little snippets of time!

Debbie J said...

Thanks Ladies! Denise, I wish I DID have the energy of the energizer bunny! Doing a little here and there works for me.

coleen said...

Love your front porch, very inviting!

Debbie J said...

Thank you Coleen! Need to sit out there and just "be" soon.

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