Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One Way To Remember Stuff

Reusable reminder notes are one way to remember stuff!  I got this idea from this post on the blog, Time with Thea.  I  wrote things I often need to be reminded of on some recycled greeting cards with a sharpie.  Just cut off the part with no writing on it and you have a functional note card that's pretty on the back.   If I leave a reminder card on the counter top, I see it as soon as I walk in the house.  They can also be placed in other places, such as the car,  to jog my memory.

Here are some examples of reminder notes I have made so far.  Some more that I will probably make are reminders for doctor or dentist appointments, reminders to make a phone call, a reminder to thaw something for a meal, or what ever it is I need to remember.

This Valentine card is recycled into a love note. :o) These reminder notes are great for sticking notes in a loved one's lunch.  Kids would love this.  Some examples could be, "You are amazing!"  "You can pass that test!" "I love you to the moon and back!" "I love you, but behave!"

These are some blank reminder notes that I will write on when needed.  They can be reused or thrown away if they are a one time reminder.

Empty tissue boxes make great recycled reminder notes.  I am waiting patiently for this one to be empty, so I can put it to use.

Now I just need to remember to put out the cards when I need to remember something!


Denise said...

Nice idea pretty way to keep myself on track, thanks for sharing......I see you enjoy Pioneer Woman, I love her recipe for beef stew, it's in one of her earlier cookbooks.

Little Penpen said...

Great idea! Especially the unload dishwasher and clothes dryer ones! I use my dishwasher about once a week.... those dishes somehow manage to sit for days!!

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