Monday, August 29, 2016

Those places that bother you...

You know those places or spots in your home that bother you?   The ones that get on your nerves? You open a drawer and it looks like the drawer threw up.  You look in a closet and there are all kinds of things all jumbled up, hanging down or on the floor.  The disarray happened gradually over time and you kind of ignore it, until one day you can't take it any more!

In doing my Fall cleaning I realized there are several of these spots in my house.  This week I am working in the living room and front porch, but I noticed that every time I opened this drawer in the kitchen, I got irritated.  So I decided to take care of it.  Only took a few minutes, which I did while I was cooking supper.


That really looks better and now I actually enjoy opening the drawer.  I love the drawer liner.  I threw away some things such as a rusty whisk, an old basting brush that looked like it might be harboring some kind of bacteria, and some other things that I would classify as junk.  I moved some things to other places.

Here's another thing that had been bothering me.  This is our dish soap dispenser that I made using a small canning jar.  The metal ring and lid had started rusting and looked dirty.

Before.... yuck.

Its so much more enjoyable to pump out that soap now. 

In the background you'll see a pumpkin and a pumpkin scented candle.  I'm loving the anticipation of Fall.

So at my house Fall cleaning is continuing and pretty soon some Fall decorating and I'm going to work on some more of those small irritating spots that bother me.


Rhonda said...

Good fixes Debbie. When something in my home starts bugging me, I know I need to just fix it, because the constant aggravation of dealing with the mess just makes me tired.

Little Penpen said...

It looks so good. Isn't it amazing how something like that that can make such a huge difference? I like your canning jar soap dispenser!

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