Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Getting Organized in 2016 - Bedroom Closet

It happens slowly, over time.  Things get busy in my life and things get messy.  Especially on my side of the bedroom closet.  Here are a few pictures of it before I worked on it.

My view for getting dressed in the morning... not very motivating.

These scarves are in a basket, but what a mess!

I've only worn panty hose once this year.  Why are they still here in the way?

I didn't like these cardboard storage boxes.
Here are the "after" pictures!  Looks so much better.

This drawer isn't in the closet, but you can see how I organized it using shoe boxes as dividers.

All the travel bags are inside this one suitcase and all my purses are inside the large one on the right.

I'll be filling that empty spot soon.

These are my jeans and casual pants, folded in a way that is neat and I can see them all at once.

I got all the scarves out of the basket on the floor.

The shoes I wear most often, off the floor and easy to get to.

These little drawers hold my underwear, socks and bras.  Love that little feminine touch of lavender and the rug.
Its hard to get pictures in the closet that really reflect how much better it looks.  Here are some of the things I did:

1. Really got serious about getting rid of things I don't like, or they don't fit, etc.
2.  Tried to get everything off the floor.
3.  I grouped like things together, so they aren't all over the place.
4.  I nested like things inside of each other, such as the suitcases/weekend bags and purses.
5.  I got rid of the cardboard boxes
6.  I threw away some obvious trash, such as plastic store bags, etc.
7.  I moved some things out that don't belong in there, such as a large tote full of office supply type things.
8.  I didn't buy more storage containers.  More storage containers is not the answer to clutter.  The answer is to get rid of it.
9.  I organized the clothes on hangers by color.  I put all the jackets and vests together.  I pulled out any remaining summer items to another closet for storage until the weather warms up.
10.  I folded the jeans and casual pants and put them in the canvas totes.  They are standing up and not just piled on top of each other.
11.  Same thing with the underwear, bras and socks.
12.  I watched You Tube videos for motivation and ideas.

Its much nicer to get ready for work now that I don't face such a mess each time!


Auntie M said...

I am so impressed! Will you come and helpme do the same to my closets?

Alexandra S said...

I've been doing this as well. Early spring cleaning bug, I guess. Nice organizing.

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