Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year End Decluttering and Farmhouse Gardening Magic

Happy New Year! I've already started decluttering! I also have some miniature yellow roses that are blooming due to our unusually warm weather. So this post has some decluttering ideas, as well as some pictures of our Christmas roses.

I included a Christmas tree in the background for future proof that the roses were blooming on Christmas.

When we put away the holiday decorations this year and any new gifts, it seems like the perfect time to get started on getting organized and doing some decluttering for 2016.

HERE is a great article on doing just that.  This gives me some ideas for getting some things done and also some motivation.

For speed decluttering, HERE'S another great one.

Here's what I have in mind for my home:

1.  I'll be going through the Christmas closet where I store gift wrap, Christmas decorations, gift bags and boxes.  I'll be throwing away any unused, unloved items.  Some things stay in there year after year, never being used.  They need to go!

Is it a bad idea to donate Christmas decorations after Christmas is over since there is no demand at that time? I have heard that Goodwill has room to store them until next year, but I'm not sure about my small home town thrift store. 

2.  I have several boxes of all sizes that internet orders came in.  I always like to hold on to these a while in case I need to return something.  I could make a goal to fill all of them with items from all over the house to be donated before the end of the year.

3.  For every one new item that comes into the house, get rid of at least two.  That would include new gifts.  I received one new item of clothing, so two need to go out.  I received a new cookbook, so 2 need to go out. And so on.

4.  Set a timer for thirty minutes, or 15 minutes, and declutter as fast as I can, filling up the boxes mentiooned up above in number 2.

I hope your New Years Day and the entire year of 2016 is great!  I'll be back next week with some pictures of my Christmas decluttering.


Terri said...

Those are great ideas/tips. Happy New Year, Debbie!

Little Penpen said...

Happy New Year Debbie! I have been to thrift stores HOPING that people are donating Christmas ornaments. One of my clients had an awesome tree covered in nothing but glass and crystal ornaments. (purple lights) She has been collecting for years and years, so I can never duplicate her tree, but it might be fun to have a smaller version. So far, I've not had any luck! LOL

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