Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Glimpses of Home

I have really enjoyed this little Poinsettia sitting on the dining room table.  Sometimes the small things in life bring me joy.  Each day I check for loose leaves and check to see if it needs watering. 

My Hubby gave me this for our anniversary back in November.  It wouldn't show up too well on the front door since the door is painted brown.  I like it inside hanging on this door in the dining room.  Didn't he do a good job of picking out my gift?

Here are four key fobs made for Christmas gifts, and

Four more with the initials of my son, stepson and sons-in law.

This is my blue jean baby, Eli. 

I'll need to dress extra warmly today and the next few days.  I'm thinking you will too, if you live most anywhere in the USA! Stay warm!


Debby said...

Your hubby did do VERY well! Love your key fobs, I am sure the new owners love them too

Terri said...

I love your Christmas gift, Debbie! For some reason not one of my poinsettias did well this year. They just looked dead most of the season so I ended up tossing them.

Love all your pictures as well as the new header!

Tori Leslie said...

I love the gift from your hubby, looks like something one of us ladies would have picked out; he's good!
BTW, I can't keep a Poinsettia alive for my life. My house is full of mature green plants but for some reason those Christmas beauties start dying as soon as they enter my door. I have one now that's on it's last leg, or leaf I should say. Yours looks beautifully healthy.

Little Penpen said...

I love the "J" your hubby bought for you. He did good! Your key fobs are great and your monograms are perfect. Love them! I agree that the simple things (poinsettia) are the best.

Auntie M said...

Super post, Debbie! Yes, of course, your Hubby has great taste, and he is truly thoughtful.

The key fobs make choice gifts.

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