Monday, September 22, 2014

End of Summer Garden

This summer, we only had a small raised bed garden, but boy has it produced for us.   We have had lots of grape tomatoes. In fact they have needed to be picked constantly and I should be out there this morning picking them again.  I have found that they are good in vegetable soup.  Saturday I used some of them in a pot of soup and froze two quart bags for future soups.

The other day I picked 25 bell peppers from just two plants.  The plants were about to break from the weight!

Its kind of hard to use that many bell peppers, but I'm trying.  Here's a pan of stuffed peppers ready to go into the oven.

Since its the first day of fall, I just had to show some pumpkins!  We didn't grown these.  My hubby brought these home for me.

Happy Fall!


Impera Magna said...

I am now ready for fall after seeing these lovely photos.... also ready to have dinner at your house tonight!


Little Penpen said...

I'm jealous that you are still getting garden produce!! We pulled our pitiful garden early this year, but we did eat plenty of squash and cucumbers. We have deer coming right up to our fence now and they love tomatoes. :(((

Terri said...

My grape tomatoes did wonderfully this year! When I have excess peppers, I chop them up and freeze them. I store them in a gallon freezer bag and when I need some in a recipe I grab a handful. Works great!

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