Monday, August 4, 2014

Freezing Field Peas

Out in the country, here in the South, we love our peas.  Not the little green peas that come in cans, but peas that, after being cooked, turn brownish gray.

One of my brothers called me Saturday to see if I wanted a bushel of peas.  He had already picked them and would bring them to me.  I said yes, of course.  The only problem is that they would need to all be hand shelled because the automatic shellers could not shell wet peas.  Since, it has been raining for days around here, the automatic sheller was not an option.  I could have spread them out and let them dry, but it would have been too late in the day on a Saturday.  Besides hand shelling is free.

I figured with it being a rainy day, I could just stay inside, watch tv and shell the peas, taking my time, even if I ended up shelling some on Sunday.

I didn't realize that one of my thumbs would start hurting after one pan full was shelled.  I think its early arthritis.  Anyway, when my hubby got home from a full day of work, he went right to work and shelled all but the two pans I shelled.  I was so amazed and thankful!!!

I shelled the peas in the small bowl and he shelled the peas in the large one!  However, I did do the blanching and freezing of the peas.

I have been purging and organizing our chest freezer and maybe I can show you some pictures of the frozen peas and the freezer organization later this week.  I am planning for fall and winter soups!

Meanwhile, I've got to get to work!  Have a great Monday!


Impera Magna said...

Two beautiful bowls of field peas... a lot of work shelling the peas but you will enjoy them this fall and winter! I remember sore thumbs from shelling beans and peas...

Auntie M said...

Am so jealous. I simply love field peas!! Would have loved to join you all at the pea shelling. In the olden days we would join neighbors when they had peas to freeze. A lot of fun to sit around - usually outside in the shade - with a group of friends and help shell. Then, when we had peas to shell, they would arrive to help us.

Ask Hubby if he remembers.

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