Friday, January 17, 2014

In the Dead of Winter

Today I am home with the flu. Yesterday I could not have even thought about being able to do a post, but today after only one day of "anti-flu" medicine, I am glad to say I am doing much better!  But, I'm still laying on my couch as I do this post.  Luckily I have a long weekend to recuperate and don't have to go back to work until Tuesday!

Last Saturday I went outside and got my hands dirty in our little raised bed.

How in the world these weeds have grown to be so healthy in the dead of winter, I do not know!

It was only the Monday before that the high temperature was about 24.   On Saturday it was in the 60s.

We've had lots of rain this winter!  We almost have ocean front property with water standing in the field adjacent to our home.

After a little digging and pulling, the raised bed is now ready for spring planting.

I love the fact that around here in winter we have a few warm days mixed in with the cold ones.  I try to make use of those warm days.  If its on Saturday I work in the yard.  If its a work day, I try to get a little walk in on my lunch break.

I think next year a flu shot will be in order!  Although my doctor told me lots of people are getting the flu even though they had the flu shot.  This is the first time I've ever had the flu and I DO NOT want to have it again.

Happy Friday to you all!


a8383 said...

Hope you feel better soon! Angela

Rita said...

Sure hope you feel better right away. What kind of meds did you get. Sounds like they are doing a great job.

Impera Magna said...

I hope you are feeling better today... the flu is NO fun!

I've been getting flu shots for over 20 yrs. No, they don't always work since whoever makes the flu shot concoction guesses which strains will be out and about... but better safe than sorry. It's scary that 27 people in NC have died from the flu this year.

Take care and feel better soon!

Auntie M said...

I am so sorry. Cannot believe that you have not had a flu shot.
We are committed.

Did you get Tamiflu? Please feel better soon.

Terri said...

I hope you are feeling better. I had to laugh though at working in the dirt in January. It's -5 here this morning with a windchill of -35. Brrrr!!!!!!

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