Monday, October 7, 2013

More Fall Shoes

I typically wear two basic pairs of shoes during each season. A brown pair and a black pair. For the past two summers I have worn the same two black and brown pairs of sandals, depending on what clothes I was wearing.  Next spring I think I'll be due a couple of new pairs!

Here are a couple of pairs of shoes I'll wear this fall and winter.

From Target
Gold  jewelry will look best with the gold trim on these shoes.

I can wear these with black or brown!

Update on the fashion question I asked last week about wearing shoes without socks or hose.  I wore these shoes without hose or socks to work and got along just fine.  They were comfortable and once I got used to the way my feet looked, I liked it.  When the weather is colder, I will wear trouser socks with them, though.

From Walmart
Thanks for your input!


Freda Fields Alley said...

What cute shoes! You'll be stylin' in those...

Little Penpen said...

Cutesy shoesies! And they all look comfy!

Auntie M said...

Love this post and the Friday one. We have been away, so just read both.

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