Friday, October 4, 2013

Indian Summer

We've had a taste of Fall, but not too much this week! Here are some pictures from around our yard showing signs of summer still hanging on.

A farmer left his tractor in the field beside our house over night.  He parked it in such a way that it looked like it was on display.  The farmers often leave their equipment parked near our house, I think for safety reasons.

Several watermelon vines came up in our compost/lasagna bed.  There is no way the watermelons will ripen before frost.  During the last few days the vines have started dying.  Its just not the right time of year for watermelons to thrive.

This baby watermelon is resting on a coffee filter.  I have been putting household waste such as potato peelings, banana peels, used coffee grinds with the filter, used tea bags, etc. on the bed.  Next spring I plan to plant vegetables in it.

Close up of some mum buds.

Morning Glories are blooming on my clothesline trellis.  They are also growing everywhere around here, especially on ditch banks and on corn that hasn't been harvested yet.

Go Wolfpack!

Fall is such a beautiful time of year around here, but the really cool weather doesn't usually show up until November.  The temperature tomorrow is supposed to hit 90!  Even so, the humidity is low, so its not too uncomfortable.


Kathryn D. Duke said...

Fall is pretty and a sweet end to a full summer of activity. Just love your "country" view!!

Freda Fields Alley said...

Definitely harvest time... despite the high temps. There's supposed to be a cool front coming thru over the weekend... along with some rain from Karen.

Love the watermelon vine doing it's thing, even tho it's not the right time of the year.

Go, Wolfpack!!!

Little Penpen said...

The lasagna garden is like a little treasure chest, isn't it? I guess since it's already October I need to go ahead and welcome fall, but I am still hanging onto summer as tightly as I can. :))

Susannah said...

Too bad about the watermelon, Debbie. Great place to plant next year. I was just telling my husband that you throw the coffee filters on the pile, too. Great idea that I had forgotten about. I hope you have a great weekend!


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