Monday, September 2, 2013

Pull Over Towel Bibs

Sometimes I get a sewing or quilting project on my mind and I can't stop until I make an attempt at it. So, here are the results of one of those project ideas. Pull over the head towel bibs.... Eli isn't really big enough for this one yet. Its almost as long as he is, but he will grow into it!   I added the little strip of fabric on the bottom to make it extra cute.

Walt is 7 months old, so he is big enough to start using this type of bib. These were made from towels with strips of fabric already sewn across the bottom.  They were in the summer section at Dollar General and were on clearance.  I love the bright colors, and the lemons, limes and cherry themes work well for a bib.  There were lots of these towels to choose from and I plan to go back to get more, especially if they are marked down further.

I didn't have any of the ribbing fabric for the neck, and there are no stores around here that sell it, so I made a trip to a thrift store to see if there were any little shirts that I could use the neck from. This little dress was only 50 cents.

Not only did it have the right kind of neck, the rest of the dress is stretch knit that could be used.  I carefully removed the neck and then made strips from the skirt part.  It was also nice that the colors were blue and white, perfect for little boys.

A plain dishtowel, hand towel, or one that already has an embellishment on it, like this one, would work.  I had to cut these dishtowels down and hem the cut sides, since they were too big.


The embroidery machine comes in handy for these kinds of projects.   The personalization makes them so cute.

I'm off work today for Labor Day and have other bib ideas in my head.   There are other things I should or could be doing, but making bibs is so much fun!


Little Penpen said...

LOVE these! I had thought about trying some of these before, but didn't know how to do the neck. I would love for you to tell me how you did it!!

Auntie M said...

Perfectly priceless. I, too, am anxious to know how you did the necks.

Mary Ann said...

So cute and those kind of bibs are super practical and useful!Good idea to use ribbing from an existing outfit!

You might like this upcycled tshirt bib idea too.

Rhonda said...

I remember having similar bibs when my children were babies. Yours turned out so cute, I will have to look for some small towels.

Eli and Walt will look so cute! And neat after eating.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

You did GOOD...have not made these in a while. and what a thought to look at the thrift store!! really cute.

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