Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Decorating With Mama's Antique China Cabinet

We recently got Mama's antique china cabinet back from being refinished. It belonged to my grandmother and was then passed down to my mother and now to me. There is a matching side board/buffet, that my sister has.

I really did not think I had anywhere to put this piece of furniture, but we ended up putting it in the living room.  The kitchen and dining room are already full and it would be hidden in the hallway.  I am very happy with its new location.

On the top shelf the items are blue and white.  My mother had the one Blue Willow platter in the very back and the white with blue trim tea pot.  I found the blue willow tea cups and plates at a consignment shop and at a junk shop.  I already had the other white pitcher and bowl with the blue stripe.

On the middle shelf are some of my quilts and the bottom shelf has one of Mama's big bowls.  After looking on the bottom of the bowl and doing a little research, I learned that the bowl was made by McCoy Pottery.  I'm pretty sure Mama got hers in the early 70s.  She had three, but I only brought home one.   I found the matching cookie jar/canister at a consignment shop.  Its funny how collecting a certain thing gets started.  Now I will be looking for McCoy pottery and for Blue Willow china!  That's a battery operated candle in the bowl.  It looks kind of weird in the picture, but in real life its flickering looks very cozy.

This china cabinet has legs so there is a great place underneath to put things.  For the time being there is the very old suitcase found in Mama's attic and some baskets, etc.

I am enjoying leaving the china cabinet door open.  When it is closed you can't really see the contents very well.  Hanging on the door is a vintage linen dish towel that has fall colors on it.  Its not only decorative, but protects the cabinet.  Every time we walk by, our footsteps jar the cabinet and the door bumps against it.

On top of the china cabinet there is a wooden decorative piece on the front, so its a challenge to put things on top that can be seen behind it.  This tiered wire basket is tall, but even so, I had to sit it on top of a book.  I put some little pumpkins and fall leaves in the baskets.  At Christmas I can put in some shiny Christmas balls, little wrapped gifts and things like that.   All of the items on top of the cabinet are sitting on books to give them more height.   Another option would be to hang a picture on the wall above and behind the cabinet, instead of putting as many things on the cabinet.  I have one of Mama's large fall pictures that would be great for this.  But, for now, this is what I've done.

This is another of my treasured dishes from Mama.  I love the wheat design.  As with the Blue Willow dishes, there is only one piece remaining from what I assume began as a whole set.  It looks great for Fall decorating.  At Christmas I can temporarily replace it with a Christmas plate.  I think I have one of Mama's that I can use.

The great thing about decorating is that if you don't like something, its not set in stone.  I can change all of this in just a few minutes if I decide to.  I'm pleased with its slightly Fall touches and with the fact that many of Mama's things are incorporated into the design.


Little Penpen said...

It's all so pretty and how nice to have things your mom picked out for herself. It gives you a sense of mom's hand decorating for you, too.

Auntie M said...

You are amazing!! And, I know that it is really this perfect because I saw it in person! I love that you have put this into your blog.

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