Thursday, August 1, 2013

My New Pocketbook Organizer

It seemed too good to be true, but I ordered this pocketbook/purse organizer on Amazon for only $3.43, with free shipping.  It took about two weeks for it to arrive, but I was very pleased with the quality.

It is soft, has two zipper compartments, a roomy center compartment and 4 nice pockets on each side.  There are handles to lift it out with when you want to switch it to another purse.

I really like it a lot.  I plan to make myself some new pocketbooks soon to fit it.  It works well in my current bag, but I will make the next one just a little wider and not quite as tall.

HERE is the link to Amazon, if you are interested in ordering one.  There's nothing in it for me, I just wanted to share a good deal.  Residents of North Carolina cannot be Amazon Affiliates due to the sales tax controversy.   Maybe this will change one day.


Little Penpen said...

I didn't know that NC residents couldn't be affiliated with Amazon. I had heard about the sales tax thing, but didn't realize it was already happening. Your organizer is nice; and a definite need for 'soft' bags. I've stopped buying bags without any shape for that very reason... everything gets tossed around in the bag. I think we could all use one of these organizers!

Meggie said...

Hi Debbie...I made something similar out of a quilted placemat. All I had to do was mark the middle, fold the outer edges to the middle marked line. Then I sewed across the entire folded placemat to create pockets. After sewing, I folded it in half, exposing pockets on both sides. I just set it inside my purse...and of course, filled the pockets with cell phone, keys, etc. It keeps everything handy. I saw this idea somewhere on one of the blogs I follow.

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