Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vintage and Antique Suitcases

These suitcases were found in the deep, dark recesses of Mama's attic. 

The middle one is really old, no telling what history it would tell if it could.  Did my Mama use it when she left home after getting married?  Did Daddy use it when he went away to WWII?  I will never know. 

I can just see her with this suitcase going off to the other side of the county with my Daddy after they got married in that simple ceremony.


The top and bottom two belonged to my sister, almost 50 years ago.

My first inclination was to throw them away, but I remembered seeing old suitcases used in home decor in magazines and on blogs.  These may be in too bad of a condition for this.    I could possibly paint or do decoupage on the top and bottom ones.  I have seen old suitcases in antique shops that have been painted purple or some other color.  I would not want to do anything to the middle one.  I  like it the way it is.

Look at these examples:

I guess its all in how they are displayed!


Little Penpen said...

More treasures! If they don't have a funky smell, you could store all kinds of things inside. Gorgeous!

Meggie said...

Absolutely, keep them! What a treasure to find. Knowing your decorating talents, you will find a way to display them. You might find a photo of your family holding one of them....

Auntie M said...

How neat! I have several in our attic. A set of four which are now 60 plus years old. We also have one of my hubby's grandmother's teeny cases. Now, I am inspired.

Mary Ellen said...

What a great find, Debbie!

Mary Ellen
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